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Running Boards

After more than 11 years of R&D, the Onki line-up of running boards now has 3 distinct models under the American Runner brand. All 3 models are built on Onki's tried and tested heavy duty extruded aluminum sub-frame. With a size range of 21" to 118" and an installer friendly universal bracket system, Onki Running Boards fit 99% of today's CUV's, SUV's, tucks, and vans.

For 2009, Onki is introducing its first black mild steel running board, the Onki Volcano. The Volcano was conceived to be a price point model using lightly textured black powder coated mild steel as the main material with a 3 inch half tube facia for the traditional nerf board look with round replaceable rubber inserts in black or safety orange.

Onki has also come up with a NO-DRILL BRACKET SYSTEM for the most popular late model Acura/Honda, Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota SUV's and trucks.

Other distinctive features of the Onki Running Boards include: high traction non-slip rubber skin or pads for safety, integrated body gap strip for a more seamless look, and available lighted models with top and bottom courtesy entry/exit lights for added safety.

Our running boards include:



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